Reality versus blind EUtopianism

The European Union [Notification of Withdrawal] Bill received Royal Assent on 16th March 2017 and became an Act of Parliament. The two clause Act finally passed unamended, and authorises the Prime Minister to ‘trigger’ the now famous Article 50 process with its two year deadline.

One way or another the UK will be out of the European Union [often erroneously referred to as ‘Europe’] by April 2019.

The attempts to amend the Bill in the Lords constituted political posturing by people putting EUtopianism above the democratic decision of June 23rd 2016, above our national interest, and above our Constitution.

The Liberal Democrat Lords persisted in resisting the passage of the Bill even after the Commons sent it back on Monday saying that the Lords amendments were unacceptable to the elected House of Commons.

They were prepared to provoke a constitutional crisis sooner than give up their blind allegiance to a failing EUtopianism.

As are the Scots Nationalists in calling for a second Referendum on Scotland’s independence.

Neither of these forces has reality or the will of the people on its side. They place blind allegiance to their particular ideology above reality. And the media continue to give them inordinate airtime to pursue their propaganda war.

For that is what it is.

First the Lib Dem Lords. The issues of EU citizens rights and of Parliament having its say in the Brexit process [reflected in their failed amendments] are non issues. Both have been stirred up to look like legitimate issues when they are not.

Parliament must yet pass the Great Repeal Bill to annul the 1972  Act taking us into the then EEC. That alone will give Parliament ample opportunity to have its say. That Bill will also carry over all existing EU law into UK law…

Therefore existing Rights will continue and all the existing conditions for trade with the EU will continue …

And as the previous blog post points out [reiterating content from the Pages on this blogsite], the notion that the position of EU citizens in the UK or of UK citizens in the EU is under threat is complete propaganda.

What is more, events are superceding the Brexit negotiation process. Last month the world wide Trade Facilitation Agreement came into force. It basically constrains all parties to work together on a free trade basis. The exaggerated claims about economic apocalypse around Brexit and access to the EU Single Market and Customs Union are now even more absurd and irrelevant.

See the Bruges Group reference below.

Then there are the Scots Nats. Note they speak as though the Referendum of September 2014 never took place. They take no account of the division that the 3 year campaign caused. They completely ignore the fact that had Scotland voted for Independence in 2014 and left the Union, her economy would now be in a dire predicament following the fall in oil prices. They completely ignore the fact that government spending per head in Scotland is seriously higher than in England, and they ignore the fact that they are given a vastly disproportionate representation at Westminster where they also vote on purely English and Welsh legislation.

They ignore reality because they too are enthralled by EUtopianism. Adherence to the EU project means breaking down existing nations states into Euro regions. That suits their Independence agenda.

Sturgeon is in reality running scared. This is her last ditch attempt to get Scottish Independence. She wants a Referendum before the UK leaves the EU in order to be able to claim that Scotland never left the EU [if vote went her way] and can therefore stay in, and not have to apply for membership.

Having to apply for EU membership means having to join the Euro currency. Two issues the Scots Nats knew they dare not touch in the Independence Referendum campaign – The Monarchy and the currency, sterling. Or they would lose by a far higher margin than 55/45%.

She has to go for trying to keep Scotland in the EU now, with Sterling as its currency, or lose the argument for an entire generation, and fail to realise her dream.

The reality is that Theresa May has all the aces, and Sturgeon has none.

So Sturgeon has to stir it up to create the illusion of legitimacy for her claim, abusing words like democracy and legitimacy. Scotland had its once-in-a-generation Referendum in late 2014; Sturgeon is first minister of a devolved assembly, not Prime Minister of the United Kingdom; nothing binding or legitimate can be done without London’s agreement.

And her Referendum also seeks to undermine the UK government in its discussions with the EU over Brexit.

One thing above all is clear to me. The adherents of the the EUtopian religion are not democrats but ideologues prepared to stop at nothing to force their beliefs on the rest of us.

Ray Catlin

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