Democracy vs EUtopia

This last week saw 70 MPs defy the vote of the British people on June 23rd 2016 when they opposed Clause 1 of the Bill on Withdrawal from the EU.

Clause 1 of the Bill revokes the 1972 European Communities Act which took us into the then Common Market and gave Brussels generated law access and superiority over UK law and UK law courts.

Those 70 MPs know this, yet voted to nullify the Brexit vote in the IN/Out Referendum last year.

Two pertinent comments here.

NO referendum was allowed to the British people when the European Economic Community [“Common Market”] morphed into first the European Community and then into the European Union.


When the Lisbon Treaty was passed David Cameron promised the British people a vote on the matter if elected to office in 2010. When elected however, he did what all previous Prime Ministers have done with British fears about the increasingly Super State pretensions of the European Project.

He refused to hold a referendum for which he had given while in Opposition – and I quote – “a cast iron guarantee“.

Like previous pre-disposed Euro elitist Prime Ministers, he knew that the mood of the nation was against the EU, so refused the Referendum he had promised with a cast iron guarantee out of his own mouth.

So much for the sense of democracy in our political elite.

That was until he could no longer ignore it . UKIP became the principal British party in the EU’s so-called parliament in 2014.  The Conservative party was threatened with the very real prospect that they would never again govern alone, free from coalition.

He only achieved a Conservative government in 2015 because a Referendum was finally seriously pledged, and the Conservatives knew they could no longer ignore the issue nor their own divisions on the subject.

Comment 2. Those 70 MPs are among those who avow the sovereignty of the British Parliament.

They actually believe no such thing.

The sovereignty of the British parliament can only be properly restored by cancelling the 1972 Act which gave free access and domination – [or was interpreted for years as giving domination] – to foreign laws, made in a manner alien to our historic constitution and liberties.

Such MPs also espouse all the Rights enshrined in EU law.

Yet they oppose a Bill which will carry over intact the entire corpus of EU law into British law.

As a practical person I recognise the necessity of this, so accept it. We must have continuity on the 29th March 2019 as we leave. That is the responsible view to take.

As a Brexiteer this appalls me. But I recognise hard reality and accept that this comes later when all the issues can be considered one by one in a reflective and practical manner for the good of the country.

The reason these MPs behave in this illogical way is that they refuse the verdict of the people last year – a verdict that they, with their ideological, elitist mentality,  know full well has been the view of the nation for many, many years [yet they try to talk of a further referendum].

Such people are self evidently not Democrats at all – but Aristocrats: They are  a self perpetuating elite which considers itself to be the best and believes it knows best for every one else,  using their superior position to perpetuate their own unwarranted superiority whatever the situation may demand.

But the main comment I want to make is this.

All the fuss and delay are being laid at the door of the Brexit camp and the Brexit policy of the Government.

Totally untrue !

This is all the stuff of propaganda, as is the entire position of the Remain side.

FACT. The Cameron government refused to prepare for the possibility of a Leave vote.

I believe that was because (a) in their arrogant presumption they thought they would win; and (b) they believed that if they should lose, it would leave just such a delay and disruption as has been seen, so that they could argue Brexit was a massive mistake so let’s go back into the EU….

A democratic government sincerely disposed to accept the will of the people on June 23rd 2016 would have taken immediate steps to introduce the Bill which is now before parliament.

It should have been passed in 2016 and under the terms of Article 50 of the EU treaty that act would – of itself – have triggered Article 50 and the notorious negotiation period with a deadline of 2 years.

But the negotiations don’t have to take 2 years ! Two years is  a deadline to ensure that the matter of leaving does occur whether or not there is a divorce settlement.

All delay is generated by the Remain minded and by an entrenched Remain mentality which refuses to implement the result.

The fault is the Remain mentality. Nothing to do with the Brexit camp.

WE all wanted OUT ASAP !

And that would have given the business world all the certainty it could ask for.

Certainty was given by the June 23rd vote.  Uncertainty is generated by the Remain minded and by an EU manifestly hostile to Brexit !

NB for example the demand to settle issues like the Northern Ireland border with Eire before discussing a trade agreement; the two are intertwined but the inflexibility of the EU and its insistence of determining the parameters of the agenda for both parties creates impossibility where flexibility is manifestly of the essence.

Typically authoritarian, condescending and dogmatic EU mentality.

And they wonder why we want to leave !

Ray Catlin

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