traitorous elitists !

One hesitates to bother to comment anymore on the so-called Brexit debate. The hype in the media is so far removed from reality one is tempted just to ignore it.

But of course the drip, drip, drip of propaganda from the priesthood of Europa is calculated to destroy the credibility of those who want to uphold democracy in this country and have the result of June 23rd 2016 implemented.

Yes, it was in 2016 and we are now into 2018. The longer this goes on, the greater their chances of beginning to win the ideas battle and deal a death blow to the last vestiges of democracy.

That is their tactic and it is their only hope. They know full well what they are doing, and their contempt for the vote of ordinary Britons will cease to be the joke it is if they get their way.

The contemptible depths to which this self serving elite is prepared to go were shown just this last weekend, and in the days leading up to it.

The latest wheeze is an economic report from within the upper Civil Service. Matt Ridley in the Times today says that no-one quite knows where it came from or who commissioned it, or on what the forecast modeling is based.

Of course the spurious economic modeling of the Remain minded establishment has been shown up for what it is in the last 19 months.  We had the certainty of economic Armageddon promised us during the Referendum Campaign, but nothing of the sort has happened.

Of course. Because it’s all a reflection of the false world they live in .

They don’t give up though. It’s still economics and it is still the-people-didn’t-vote-for-economic-suicide-and-they’d-change-their-mind-if-we-just-give-them-their-democratic-right-to-vote-again-on-the-outcome-of-the-current-negotiations.

It is pathetic. All they can come up with – still – is scaremongering on one well worn theme; the economy.  Nothing else.

The reality is that whether the economy takes a knock or not [and there is inevitably an adjustment] we did not vote on the state of the economy in June 2016. We voted on the constitutional future of our country.

We voted to become an independent country again, free to make our own laws in our own tradition, to be interpreted by our own courts according to our historic legal understanding and to make those who impose taxes on us directly accountable to us.

We voted against being taken for mugs by Brussels demanding £10 Billion a year NET subscription. For this we purchased the pleasure of having our borders thrown open, and the voice of our elected politicians drowned out by 27 other countries –and if we got them on side then the Commission or the European Court of Justice hove to and over-ruled us

This is historic fact and the proper perspective on the nonsense purveyed by the acolytes of the Europa Ideal.

The fact is that business and trade adjust to whatever political arrangements are in place.

But what is especially disturbing in a democracy where a democratic decision has been made, is the contempt with which the result is seen.

That smacks of a very disturbing mindset demonstrated again yesterday on television and in the press.

The Remainiac mindset is so prejudicial that it does not flinch to accuse those who oppose it of the most heinous political motives and associations. Two former Secretaries to the Cabinet have made the most outrageous  and unsupportable assertions. One talked of Brexiteers selling snake oil, and the other likened those on the Brexit side as sharing the mindset and practices of 1930s Nazi Germany.

Such is the regard these mandarins have for 17.4 million votes against their view –  a vote on an unprecedented scale on anything in our history.

The issue was straightforward and we all understood it.

David Cameron as Prime Minister stated it so.

IN or OUT of the EU. A straight choice.


It was acceptable to these people all the while they thought they would win – because they live in a world completely apart from mere mortals who live ordinary lives on ordinary incomes and who pay the price of the elite’s idealism.

But now the issue is complicated. Too complicated to have been put to the people in such a simplistic manner as a Referendum. Yet they want another referendum for the simple reason that it is their only hope of trying to reverse the process if they cannot salami slice the negotiations to water down the exit agreement to de facto Remain.

The facts are that the UK holds all the aces in these negotiations with Brussels- and the fact is that the EU commissariat must be shitting proverbial bricks.

FACT – our balance of trade deficit with the EU means that their exporters have far more to lose than we do, in fact Brexit gives us a chance to drastically reduce our very serious balance of payments deficit with them. But you would never believe that this is the underlying reality from the Brussels/Remain lobby,

FACT – the UK net monetary contribution keeps the bloated EU project afloat – without it, they have to find the money from countries who joined believing they would always be net beneficiaries; they wont like it and this is probably what is behind the so-called Transition period for the UK to continue payments – to soften the landing, and delay Brexit. When will anyone in the UK national media give this the prominence it deserves…. 

FACT  the EU countries each have their own Exit movements. And they matter, especially in Eastern Europe.The EU is scared stiff of breaking up from within and of the Brexit knock on effect: ergo they must pretend and propagandize the very opposite of this reality.

Please note the current governmental nonsense in Germany, Merkel still does not have an agreement to form the next government with any other parties following elections last September when an emergent nationalist party went from 0 seats in the national parliament to 94 … of course a coalition deal is out of the question with them because they are called “extreme Right” so Germany must persist in political uncertainty..,

Every thing that has come out of the EU since June 23rd 2016 confirms the falsehood of EU propaganda – from the denials about a European Army to plans for fully fledged political and economic Union where nation states become local councils in a European super State.

And everything that has happened in the UK has confirmed everyone’s suspicions about our own liberal left metropolitan elite.

They are servants of an alien system and occupy positions of power in our country.