The true nature of the beast

The true nature of the EU beast has been revealed progressively in recent months by the way negotiations have been conducted over Brexit.

It has also been revealed in the statements and reports coming out of Brussels confirming what Brexiteers had claimed about the federalist intentions of the EU in matters like creating an EU army.

But there is more. MEPs from across the political spectrum have been lining up to question the appointment of Juncker crony Martin Selmayr as General Secretary.

The story is at

Do read it !

But there is yet more. was launched recently by academics and experts alarmed at the mentality of the metropolitan ‘liberal’ elite’s condescension and dismissive attitude towards the Leave vote of June 23rd 2016.

Their Mission Statement at  is most revealing.

It includes this statement which comes as no revelation to some of us who see the beast for what it is. They say,

what has brought us together is a firm conviction that Brexit is about reasserting popular control over decision-making in the United Kingdom. We do not think control is a fantasy or a dream. Nor do we think it is worth sacrificing in exchange for EU membership. We believe not in the sovereignty of governments, which EU membership props up all too well, or of supra-national bodies, but in the sovereignty of the people.

In other words, there are experts telling us what so many of us could see for ourselves that Brexit is about asserting democracy, and the EU is about the reverse.

Which brings  me to the very latest of their reports, published today. Its thesis is clear from the wording of the link which is

But the reasons behind the author’s argument are staggering from an academic, and again simply confirm what is already obvious to anyone who is not in thrall to the EUtopian dream.

The author, Gwythian Prins, Emeritus Research Professor at the London School of Economics, states:

Since the turn of the century, things have been steadily falling apart. Belief in the triumph of the will to promote the Vanguard Myth has spun a vicious circle: the ‘project’ drives forward ever more relentlessly; and in reaction the people become ever more disaffected, making it necessary to impose more instruments of control more stringently.

Gains for the ‘project’ have become increasingly pyrrhic because of the cost in social alienation.

A major watershed was crossed in 2005-6. Divergence between the elite and their subjects was acute over the push for a formal EU Constitution. The grandiose …draft European Constitution was approved by governments but rejected by referenda in two core states, France and the Netherlands.”

The blog precis of the full report also says:

He details trends and events that show the mounting internal resistance to the remorseless imposition of the Empire’s rules, regulations and interference. Two watersheds are highlighted: the Dutch rejection of the 2005 European Constitution later smuggled through as the Lisbon Treaty, which the Irish first rejected and then ratified and the period that opened with the 2015 Greek crisis, continued with the German backlash against Angela Merkel’s open-door immigration policy, the Brexit vote of 2016 and now the Italian crisis of 2018. “All this evidence of citizen rejection while the ‘project’ responds with further acceleration, has plainly taken the EU into the Zone of Risk of Collapse; and that is where now it stands, shakily but defiant, belittling, bullying, hoping to dishearten the British in order to deter any other prospective escapees and intent on punishing us for our sovereign decision to leave the EU. It is hardly a sign of self-confidence.


There is a radical problem with the mentality of elites who believe they know best, regardless of what the people think.  This report refers to the Vanguard Myth, and that goes back to Marx and his fatalistic conception of how history would develop.

In the Marxist paradigm, an enlightened elite see the need to overthrow the existing order and show the workers the way to the ultimate heaven of the Communist state. But as Lenin’s excesses demonstrated to the world in the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia from late 1917 on, the way that works out is that any means are in order to realize the dream of the ideologues.

This writer firmly believes that the success of Brexit is vital to the survival of democracy in Europe, and that once again in history, the British have acted to save Europe from the worst.

But does Theresa May see it that way ?