Democracy on the line !

Well Theresa May has revealed her hand. The Chequers Agreement was patched up and the White Paper published. David Davis went, so did Boris Johnson. The Remainiac campaign to stop Brexit is in full swing, backed incessantly by the BBC and Big Business, all repeating the tired old Prophecies of Doom.

The latest nonsense is that Brexit will mean food shortages, and there’s even talk of having to deploy the army if there is NO Deal in place by March 29th 2019.

!!! ??? !!!

Apocalypse has not happened in the two years since the Referendum result to Leave, and it won’t happen on March 29th 2019 if there is NO DEAL in place.

We should, of course,  have been out of the EU 5 weeks ago.

On June 24th 2016 the United Kingdom Prime Minister should have handed to Brussels an already  prepared letter declaring that a constitutional Referendum had been held and the result was to Leave the EU.

No such letter was sent because no preparations whatsoever had been made by the UK government to honour the democratic will of the British people.

The Remainiac brake on Brexit had already been applied.

Yet Remainiacs claim that the current impasse on Brexit is because of … Brexit.

The truth of it all is that the Brexit Referendum revealed just how close our democracy is to being non-existent.

A government with a democratic mentality would have had both the letter and the plan to exit all ready.  Its negotiating position would have been in preparation from the moment David Cameron stepped back into 10 Downing Street in May 2015.

He had just been elected faithfully promising an IN/OUT Referendum on EU membership.

Fear of the 3.81million votes for UKIP ensured a Brexit  Referendum was David Cameron’s first big announcement.

But of course, that Referendum was supposed to put the issue to bed once and for all, and destroy UKIP once and for all – and of course the Metropolitan liberal elite fully expected to win.

The fact that the Prime Minister instructed the Civil Service NOT to prepare for a Leave result speaks volumes. It was an incredible act of Arrogance and Negligence which exposes the elite’s smug condescension.

It exposes their religious zeal for the cult of Europa – a zeal eclipsing all rational, democratic and responsible thinking.

A zeal which has driven die hard Remainiacs to try and stop Brexit, and try to reduce politics at Westminster to deadlock and stalemate.

Theresa May has now revealed her modus operandi. While allowing the official Brexit department of state to continue preparing White Paper proposals for Brexit, she was arranging for another White Paper to nullify the efforts of her Brexit voting Brexit minister, David Davis.

In Theresa May’s White Paper, the UK has already surrendered Brexit on goods and agrifood.

As Boris Johnson makes clear in his resignation letter, if that is the opening bid, where will we end up ?

The EU has already said that May’s White Paper does not go far enough !

Inevitably !

They are ideologically, institutionally and culturally averse to anything short of UK membership, or UK subservience.

As the Italian Interior Minister was reported saying regarding the Brexit negotiations,

“There is no objectivity or good faith from the European side.”

Ironically, the only way Brexit can now be saved is by the persistent refusal of the EU to countenance any deal on the basis of any concessions offered by the May government.

A NO Deal scenario, ie Brexit, now depends on EU intransigence.

Note the EU publicly and officially advised  the 27 remaining members to prepare for a No Deal Brexit after seeing May’s White Paper …

Yes, the new Brexit minister, Dominic Raab announced the same day that the UK government is now going ahead with issuing advice to prepare for a NO Deal Brexit.

But then we heard this weekend that the different advice papers to prepare for a NO Deal Brexit would not come out as each was ready through the month of August, but are to be kept back and released in one go at the end of August …

It is clear from Theresa May’s White Paper on the Brexit negotiations, that the only chance now to deliver Brexit as we voted for it – ie OUT not IN  – is for March 29th next year to arrive with no agreement negotiated.

It is now blatantly clear that anything this current government is prepared to negotiate will not deliver Brexit. May is patently prepared to tie us into EU  diktats without any representation in the decision making process.

The stage would be set for the Remain camp to argue we must join up again.

In the meantime our domestic politics is thrown into turmoil with the possibility of a General Election [flagged up in my 19th May post] increasingly likely either this Autumn or next Spring.

Ray Catlin