Brexit betrayal: May must go !

Introducing the first tranche of 25 guidance papers to prepare the UK for a withdrawal from the EU without an Agreement, the new Brexit secretary said this.

Let me be clear about this. This is not what we want. And it’s not what we expect. But, we must be ready.

We have a duty, as a responsible government, to plan for every eventuality.

[the link to the full speech is at the end of this post]

Mr Raab’s speech was a very good one, in terms of presentation. He laid out the position very well. And I think faithfully so. Which is why it is disturbing.

He states: We have a duty, as a responsible government, to plan for every eventuality

Mr Raab confirms what I have written in previous posts, and notably the one before the last, that David Cameron as Prime Minister not only neglected his duty as the leader of a democratic State, but he consciously opposed that duty.

Cameron ordered the Civil Service NOT TO PREPARE FOR THE CONTINGENCY OF A LEAVE VOTE in the immediate run up to the June 23rd 2016 Referendum vote.

So Remain was already preparing to destroy Brexit even before the vote took place.

Cameron of course believed he would win. That was the only reason he was prepared to concede a referendum 8 years after giving his broken “cast iron guarantee” promise to allow one. Just so long as the result went the way they orchestrated it should go. After all Cameron had won the 2011 Referendum on changing the voting system, and he had won the 2014 Referendum on Scots independence.

So on Mr Raab’s pertinent and correct assertion, the Cameron government refused to do its duty by the British electorate, and was deliberately irresponsible.

Why ?

The reason is simple. The mentality controlling the British political establishment is anti democratic.

I use the present participle there because nothing appears to have fundamentally changed after more than two years.

Mr Raab asserts the government continues to seek a deal on the lines of Chequers. He goes to great pains in the speech to say so.

Well both the former Foreign Secretary and the former Brexit Secretary have declared the Chequers proposal a surrender to the EU and a rejection of the Brexit referendum result. And they resigned their posts accordingly.

Yes, Mr Raab has upped the pressure on the EU, even to the point of upsetting their chief noegotiator, Michel Barnier. The Telegraph reports Barnier going ballistic when Raab told him that the UK government was prepared to see the EU order the Irish government to put up a customs barrier between the Republic of Ireland and the British North of Ireland.

Barnier would go ballistic because that is what the EU would have to do, and in doing so would expose itself as the party which demands a customs border there.

But what does Mr Raab’s stance actually mean ?

Simply this. A so-called NO DEAL Brexit is only a negotiating ploy for this government. It is being used to push the EU to grant a deal. And the fact that the timetable is now very advanced means that the government has no option now but to start to do something concrete to prepare for a NO DEAL exit from the EU.

But a deal on the basis of what the UK is offering in the Chequers proposal is a betrayal of the Vote to Leave in June 2016.

No less than Boris Johnson and David Davis – former Foreign Secretary and Brexit minister respectively have said so;  and they are active in the preparations for an alternative proposal designed to honour the Brexit vote.

Indeed preparations are in hand to challenge Theresa May as Leader of the Conservative party and therefore also as Prime Minister this autumn if she refuses to adopt that proposal.

And such a challenge has now become essential to delivering Brexit, and not just because of what has already been said above.

But because of what I am about to say.

Mrs May has been Prime Minister for two years, and she alone is responsible for what the government has done in that time. She was elected to deliver on Brexit, and she promised time and again to do so.

But during her two years, it transpires that our entire Defence policy, defence procurement industry, and our military capabilities have been progressively submitted to the EU, and submitted in a way designed to be irrevocable.

Even though Remain said an EU army was nonsense and fearmongering by the Leave campaign, and even though we clearly voted to Leave the EU back in June 2016…

Just this week Andrew Bridgen MP asked in Parliament why British troops serving in the Balkans are wearing EU insignia. The response from the Leader of the House, Andrea Leadsom was dismissive.

Which is interesting because her Conservative colleague on the Commons Select Committee for Exiting the European Union, Andrea Jenkyns, has recently published this revelation about what is being done with  our military capacity.

Remainer May’s position is now untenable. She should go. So should the Remain minded Civil Servants who conspired to subvert the Brexit vote and submit  our military capacity to the EU.

Ray Catlin

reference the Defence integration issue despite Brexit, see

re Boris Johnson’s position on Chequers see his Facebook page for 3rd September 2018