Dear Theresa…

My dear Theresa,

What can I say ? Those handsome chappies at the EU heads of State humiliated you. Those believers in the European Dream Project for love and harmony with all mankind – they let you down.

You must be heart broken, though I hear you are livid.

Hardly surprising, being treated like that.

But to be brutally honest, just what exactly did you expect ?

You are a church goer so I’ll just slip in a relevant reference here, Proverbs 27, verse 6.

Now, you’ve been in politics all your adult life, rising to the dizzy heights of Prime Minister. Me, I’m just an ordinary voter who has watched the shenanigans of politicians over the same decades.

Now,  I grant you that when you were an undergraduate studying the wonders of the natural world in which we live, I was studying the machinations of politicians and the general run of human nature in all its historic glory.

But frankly, I would have thought you might have got an idea by now of how twisted the purveyors  of power are, after 40 odd years .

Evidently not.

So, let me point out a few home truths to ponder, and perhaps you might just begin to work out the appropriate response to the problem.

Let’s start with the history.

The French have always wanted to dominate Europe and when they had their revolution the Enlightenment thinking of the day provided just the excuse they needed viz. La Declaration des Droits de l’homme et du citoyen of 1789.

Cometh the hour, cometh the man of course, and they soon got themselves a Napoleon. [Incidentally your fellow Anglican and true, true Conservative Mr Edmund Burke predicted rise of said man of blood and war – you might give him some consideration sometime, because he also got the analysis of the East India Company problem right and the concerns of the Americans about Independence].

Napoleon was typical of the French political tradition which idolises the Authority Figure, from Louis 14 through to General De Gaulle and today our nice Mr Macron…

Napoleon of course conquered or controlled all Europe at one point, except of course for us Brits who had more sense back then and stood up to the B*****d.

Upshot of Mr Napoleon’s military dictatorship and invasion of Europe, the feeble little states of Germany and Italy suddenly began to see the merit of getting together as Germans and Italians – or at any rate certain of their Napoleon like leaders did.

Fast forward to the early 1960s and that nice Brigadier General De Gaulle expressed his thanks to us Brits for helping him out in the war by

  1. stealing our ideas about the welfare state and women’s votes, then selling it all as his own idea by mixing it with French nationalism and authoritarianism to give France “Gaullism”
  2. doing us down at every conceivable opportunity – remember, eg,  his “Non, non “!
  3. inviting the conscience stricken German leader Adenauer to tea at the Elysee palace and proposing that the Germans and the French be nice to each other now and perhaps sort out Europe together

The Germans had already had a taste of French idealism back in the formation of the European Coal and Steel Community re which the Wikipedia entry says this:

After a year of negotiations, the Treaty of Paris was signed on 18 April 1951 establishing the European Coal and Steel Community. The treaty was unpopular in Germany where it was seen as a French attempt to take over German industry.[46] The treaty conditions were favorable to the French, but for Adenauer, the only thing that mattered was European integration.

How then could Herr Adenauer pass up the very nice invitation of the French Brigadier. So he concluded the Elysee Treaty in January 1963, sealing their new joint approach to European hegemony.

That agreement makes some very interesting reading – an assessment is at

Did you know about it, Theresa ?

It was a French initiative with German acquiesence. That’s important to understand.

Now, you must understand that the EU is really about an essentially French conception of its hegemony in Europe. And if you don’t believe me, then listen to that other nice Frenchman who dedicated himself sacrificially to the worship of Europa, one Mons. Jacques Delors.

On page 18 of his book entitled Le Nouveau Concert Europeen published in February 1992 by Odile Jacob of 15 rue Soufflot, 75005 PARIS,  Jacques Delors, the apostle of Europa, states:

France, by virtue of her sense of the grand design and her need to influence, has thoroughly determined from the very first the nature and the practice of the European project. And she will only continue to do that by continuing to be what she is with her traditions, her culture, her unique character.

[my translation]

Now this is all about national advantage in the international arena; forget all that idealistic nonsense about love and peace.

Knowing this, makes sense of it all.

The reason you got nowhere at Salzburg is because you are not meant to get the UK out of the EU. They don’t want us to go, and it has nothing to do with brotherly love.

It’s all about that £10 BILLION net pay-off every year. Without it, the French Germans and Italians have got to dig deeper into their pockets to keep the whole enterprise going. And it means that all the little States that joined to get their noses in the trough, will have to start getting less, or even – God Forbid – start paying over themselves.

And of course the other aspect of this mercenary reality is that EU countries sell us a whopping £90 BILLION a year more than we sell them.

When did any of your Treasury advisers ever talk about the UK’s obscene balance of payments deficit with the EU – when did Remain or the BBC ?

And of  course there are all the other benefits they get but which we pay for, like our cyber Intelligence, like our technical expertise in telecoms and satellites, like our unique and extensive financial services based on our past and our tradition of law and order and respect for property etc long before any of this Europe talk.

Oh and I nearly forgot, our Defence capability, the most important in Europe but which your special unit in No Ten is planning to hand over to EU control lock, stock and barrel.

All part of that deep and special partnership you are planning… 

WE DID NOT VOTE FOR THAT  – THAT’S YOUR IDEA – it’s an accretion and nothing to do with LEAVING.

Well, right now they have no respect for us. Because you didn’t stand up to them. That’s basic human nature, that – Tezza.

And then politically, you let them set the terms of the agenda and the timetable. That was obvious long before David Davis told us all so in his resignation letter.

Doing that, you committed the most basic of political errors. Even a rooky councillor in Bogville learns that one tout de suite

You also failed to understand the weakness of your own approach to politics.

You should be  playing the Stateswoman – standing above petty day to day politics, and looking to the grand strategy and the grand plan – understanding the dramatic significance of the June 23rd 2016 vote historically.

You may think you do, but your practice of politics says you don’t. [What on earth induced you to put a clear parliamentary majority at risk in a General Election in 2017 – mere party advantage – pathetic].

You see you still think like a party apparatchnik – how to do a deal with this or that partisan petty interest or person. Buy them off and get them to play ball. So must keep Remainiacs happy, and salve my own conscience about leaving…

Instead you’ve actually let the establishment and the Remain campaigners set the terms of reference and the grounds of debate: an ideological view totally out of step with reality and nothing to do with what the post Vote situation demands.

Their view is IRRELEVANT.

That’s causing you all your problems.

Politics may be the art of compromise, but the result of the Referendum wasn’t a compromise.

It was a final and decisive arbitration by the British people to settle this issue once and for all.

So Leave, and hang the consequences. It was our decision and our responsibility and no politician or party has the right to question it.

Yours ever,

Ray Catlin

PS  for the stark truth behind the EU position, read this recent quote from a French minister on French radio exposing their utter terror of what Brexit means for EUtopia:

“The British people decided to leave in a (2016) referendum, we respect that. But this choice cannot lead to the EU going bust, unravelling,” Nathalie Loiseau, minister for European affairs, told France Info radio.

[my italics and emphasis]

Perhaps you share their fear, my dear ! It would explain so much of what has happened…

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