This is Remain, NOT Leave !

It is becoming apparent that the UK withdrawal negotiations with the EU were an opportunity for the Remain minded establishment to take forward the EU agenda for superstate integration.

If you read nothing further in this blog post, please read an initial review of the Withdrawal Agreement the UK government wants the UK parliament to approve at

The almost 600 page technical agreement was only given to the Cabinet the morning of the day they met to approve or reject the Deal.

A deal of such momentous significance for the UK’s future was to be rubber stamped by the UK government.

The Brexit Secretary himself had no idea of the actual 7 page proposal for the Declaration on the Future Relationship which will be announced alongside the finalised Deal Agreement.

This Deal was manifestly the work of Theresa May as advised and ‘aided’ by the principal civil servant concerned, Oliver Robbins.

As an undergraduate at Oxford, Robbins was President of the Oxford Reform Club which promoted a federal European Union according to his entry on Wikipedia. His entry informs us that he read PPE at Oxford and went into the civil service where he has been ever since.

A career bureaucrat with the mindset of total European integration was in charge of UK exit negotiations…

The evidence for his decisive influence is in the Deal bounced on the UK Cabinet last Wednesday and in the resignation of two Brexit Secretaries of State in just 5 months. Both had manifestly been sidelined.

Both those Secretaries of State were Leave voters. Their role assigned by Theresa May was evidently to provide an acceptable front for a negotiation designed to keep the UK in the EU ambit.

Buried in the report, for example,  is the following revealed by Dr Lee Rotherham in his article cited above. Dr Rotherham says:

“Now, a lot of eurosceptics could buy into this deal on the assumption, despite the flaws, that landfall is near. But this is predicated upon the assumption that a transition agreement does what it says on the label – it transits.

That approach works for a time. Until you hit that most remarkable of paragraphs. It’s what you might call the Odysseus Clause. It’s Article 132 – where the drafters can barely commit to finally fully leaving the EU this century. Here’s what it says:

“Notwithstanding Article 126, the Joint Committee may, before 1 July 2020, adopt a single decision extending the transition period up to [31 December 20XX].”

………. But this variable is a massive trap. The drafters have not even bothered to put in 202X to make a point that they expect transition to take a decade or so at most. So all the problems with the transitional deal, accepted because they are seen as transitional, could quite plausibly turn out to be permanent – or at least, long lasting enough to cause serious damage to our economy, to our democracy, and to our national credibility.”

[end of quote].

All this is about transitional arrangements and backstops. When presenting this, Theresa May is continually at pains to emphasise that neither the UK nor the EU see the backstop as anything more than an insurance policy against failure to get an agreement.

But failure to get a proper Leave agreement is the hallmark of the last 2 years. There is absolutely no chance of getting an agreement in the future when they have failed to sort it in the last two years. And they have failed to sort it because the Remain mindset is at work on both sides. Our civil servants don’t want to leave, and the EU and its member governments regard the Brexit vote with disbelief and refuse to acknowledge the democratic decision of the UK electorate. 

It is a patent lie, no less. And for evidence see this link on Brexit Central, the wording of the link says it all – If Czechoslovakia could be split up in 6 months in 1992 why should Brexit take 6 years ?

The answer is simple and self evident.


The underhand, secretive, ideological, insistent, uncompromising and fundamentally anti democratic nature and spirit of the EU has dictated the agenda and terms of this negotiation; dictated the terms of the perception and debate around the negotiations; dictated the continued campaigning and propaganda stance of so much of the media and political establishment in the UK; dictated a contrivance of a Withdrawal Deal as a document to bind the UK into a process and position determined by an EU integration timetable.

Theresa May has used FEAR to push this proposal on her Cabinet and on parliament. Fear of a Corbyn Government and fear of No Brexit at all if those with the the power to stop this travesty dare to oppose her compliance with the EU integration project.

Pure propagandizing.

There is no danger of a “No Brexit” scenario if her proposal is voted down because the Withdrawal Act has been passed – we leave on March 29th 2019.

If her government is brought down because she cannot command a majority in the House of Commons, and therefore a General Election becomes necessary – so be it.

It will be for the people of the UK to elect a new government.

the most critical fact in play now needs to be faced without this project fear from No 10.

As the DUP’s leader in the Commons, Nigel Dodds said in response to Theresa May’s statement in the House last Thursday, the choice before parliament now is simply this.

Vote down the Deal the UK and EU propose – leaving a “NO Deal” prospect which terrifies so many.   Or vote the Deal and get subservicence to the emerging EU superstate and the breakup of the United Kingdom.

A loaded choice.

May was elected on a manifesto to implement the Referendum result. However, she has repeatedly said what  Leave voters want to hear while secretly preparing a likely position of  subservience to the EU super state – a position she calls “a deep and special partnership” !

She has betrayed our Trust !

Ray Catlin

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