EUtopian deception and Trilogue reality

The truth is something most human beings have problems with. We don’t like to be wrong, or at any rate caught out doing wrong. We don’t like to admit our faults. It’s human nature. But most people have enough maturity to acknowledge when they are wrong, and in their more sober moments to be honest about themselves.

Two types of people don’t respond in this way – I leave aside those who have yet to grow up; they’re are entitled to some consideration; we were all young once.

One type are just plain criminal. They have to be put behind bars for ten years before they’ll acknowledge what they are and what a downright pain in the neck they have been to others.

The other are the idealistically deceived. Their Ideal cannot be wrong. Their whole world view revolves around their god – be that a religious god or a philosophy or political ideology. They can be a pain in the neck because they’ll swear black is white and white is black rather than admit their god is not all they believe him [or her !] to be …

And what we see  before us at this stage in the Brexit saga is evidence of both. The most obvious is the latter – the ideological obsession before which all reality must bend and bow.

Last week 3 women MPs left the Conservative party because they don’t like the situation Brexit is in. They along with the other Remainiacs in parliament and the Civil Service have brought about this mess with its national humiliation, and they avowedly want another Referendum to overturn the 2016 Brexit vote.

These are people who treat the EU as a religious cult, and regard the 17.4 million of us who voted to Leave as anything from deluded, through stupid [regardless of the numerous graduates and doctorates supporting Brexit] to utterly deranged.

We are, of course, none of these things but their religious obsession means that this is the only way they can cope, so they interpret reality accordingly.

Hence Anna Soubry calling Brexit MPs  “extremists” – whereas in the real world they are simply seeking to abide by the democratic vote of June 23rd 2016.

Human beings in this state can get pretty hypocritical. This type routinely spout about Rights and about giving the people the chance to vote – again. [Of course that is because we all got it wrong the first time; that time, however, we were all promised faithfully – in writing to every household – that the government would implement the result: of course, at that time,  they fully expected the vote to be Remain, hence the promise].

But when it comes to their own consistency with this, they fall remarkably short. The 3 ladies mentioned above all want another vote on Brexit, and they are very keen on social justice. But they have no intention whatsoever of submitting their own treacherous behaviour to the ballot box by resigning and standing again in a by-election. Even though they owe their positions to a party elected on a 2017 manifesto promise to go ahead and implement Brexit – leave both Customs Union and Single Market.

In taking this line, however, they are being remarkably consistent in another way.

They are reflecting the intransigent and undemocratic mindset at the heart of the EU project and at the heart of the EUtopian cult. They are reflecting the sort of self righteousness which condemns others for no reason, but refuses to admit its own blatant faults.

As far as a criminal mindset goes, at this stage I’ll  only mention that EU accounts remain unapproved by the auditors for the last 20 years because of monies unaccounted for; the utter waste of money on projects deemed worthy by bureaucrats and the contracted big businesses, but no-one else; the opaque appointment of Juncker crony Selmayr, investigated and opposed by the powerless parliament.

Then there is the wilful betrayal of the Brexit vote by Theresa May’s misnamed Withdrawal Agreement, and the type of Remainiac mentality displayed by her civil servants like Ollie Robbins – a known EU fanatic from his Oxford days. Their machinations went behind the backs of the constitutionally created government departments whose job it was to handle Brexit. Because those departments were overseen by Brexit voting ministers – they were sidelined, their work binned, and replaced by a Remain product.

This “Deal” does not Withdraw the UK from the EU but establishes an unprecedented integration of our entire Defence  – policy, procurement and capability – under EU control. These people evidently took the Brexit vote as the cue to hasten integration by the back door, and not for one minute allow the UK’s departure to cause the disintegration of their beloved project. Which is what would undoubtedly happen given the growing awareness among European voters that this is a democratic disaster.

All this leads up to this.

There is something very insidious, bureaucratic and disturbing at the heart of the critical EU planning and decision making process.

I can guarantee that 99% of Remain voters do not know this. And I suspect that most Remain minded MPs don’t realise it either.

With critical votes coming up in mid March in Parliament, MPs and Remain die hards really ought to wake up to the disturbing reality about the EU.

The reality of closed-doors decision-making by small groups of interested lobbyists and EU functionaries where no minutes are taken. Officially, they do not exist under the treaties. But the power is right there. No transparency. No record. Yet they have been in existence for 9 years and their influence is critical.

They are called “Trilogues”.

They were reported on in 2014 by the news site and investigated by the Ombudsman in 2015. Just this year,  a report came out in the UK highlighting their existence and power.

In March 2019 the UK Parliament has the opportunity to prove to itself and to us that parliamentary democracy is alive and well. Or it can subject us to an organisation with a deceitful ideological culture and a closed, unaccountable bureaucracy.

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Ray Catlin

Ray is also the author of the platform Right Wing Institute

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