It is increasingly evident that the election of Emmanuel Macron as President of France in April 2017 was but the first step in his ambition to become master of Europe.

Just 6 months after his election, he gave a major lecture at the Sorbonne detailing his vision for how the EU should be developed.

On Saturday 10th November the following year, 2018,  Macron and Angela Merkel met at Compiegne where German generals met French and British counterparts to sign the Armistice. Macron and Merkel reviewed troops of the Franco German Defence force.  The British were not present. Their 750,000 deaths and 1.5 million casualties airbrushed from history. This was not about the centenary of the Armistice; this was about the Franco German alliance promoting a new EU Army…

Next day, Macron lectured world leaders at the Centenary Commemorations in Paris. The following Tuesday, Merkel announced to the EU’s parliament a fully fledged European military capability.

On Monday 4th March 2019, Mr Macron made an unprecedented move: in the national dailies of the EU nations, he published a letter addressed to the citizens of Europe.

Next day, Macron gave an inaugural speech to the new Centre for European Intelligence – the EU’s nascent super-spy Authority. More later.

Mr Macron opened his letter to “Citoyens d’Europe” by telling them that he was taking the liberty to address them directly – not just in the name of history and of our common values, but because there is a dire crisis. Since the 2nd world War, Europe has never been so important – but never has it been more threatened. The  European Elections this May will be decisive for Europe’s future, he writes. 

BREXIT REPRESENTS THIS CRISIS. Belonging to the EU is not the real danger  – that is an irresponsible lie which could destroy Europe ! The nationalists have no alternative to offer but simple rejection of the project: they exploit anger and spread false information – it is this that threatens Europe !

And I thought I voted to Leave in order to restore my country’s traditional liberties stemming from Magna Carta and the 1689 Bill of Rights – the settlement which gave my country constitutional government centuries before the French founded the EU bureaucracy  in their own dirigiste, authoritarian image …

Silly me.

But being a Napoleonic figure, Mr Macron has no time for incidentals like our Common Law tradition which exported liberty and prosperity across the globe. Whatever the English may have done, they cannot be right. There is one simple reason for this:

They are not French, they do not have a Republique,  and they did  not create La Declaration des Droits de l’homme et du citoyen.

They still have a Monarchy and a rowdy rabble for a parliament. They need bringing up to date. And Macron will show them the way.

Buried in the letter is this revelation: the British are partners in the entirely new European Security Council. He tells us that important progress has been made on this in the last two years.

It is now 2 years and 8 months since we voted to Leave the EU…

He started the letter with Brexit, and he finishes with Brexit.

Brexit is Macron’s big worry: where the UK leads others may want to follow. He makes it very clear that such nonsense must go no further. It defies his grand plan …

This is what motivates his letter. To make us believe that Brexit is nationalist insanity – this toxic poison must spread no further. NO,  we must follow Mr Macron’s lead; we must accept his worldview and his proposals for Europe; we must not be tricked by wicked nationalists [read Nazis] !

And I thought it was the UK which stood entirely alone against Nazi Germany for 18 months, totally exposed and isolated, because in our national tradition and culture there is absolutely no place for the extremism which breaks out on the European continent periodically.

Including that first French ALL Europe project imposed by Napoleon’s million strong army. 

Our 21st century Napoleon is far more subtle, and patient. His propaganda letter, plus all I have seen of him,  is disturbing. From his 2016 rallies-without-policies when Presidential candidate in waiting – to his dismissal of Brexit as a nationalist insurrection.

He condemns populists – yet he is the populist par excellence. Seeking to sway the crowd to trust whatever he says, and whatever he does –  all for them, of course. He is the Saviour who will bring in the new EUtopia on earth. [His candidature rallies reveal a manifest Egocentricity …]

He patently believes Brexit to be an outbreak of neo Nazi populism: ergo it must be stopped. And French Napoleons are not men of mere words: concrete action always accompany their grand schemes.

Insidious action like this: –

On Tuesday the 5th March 2019, Mr Macron delivered an inaugural speech to an entirely new EU outfit based in Paris [where else !]. It was a speech setting out the need and vision. It was attended by 66 [yes sixty six !] intelligence services from across Europe, he said. [So, our “5” and “6” must have been there…] Certainly the British Julian King,  EU Security Commissioner, was there. Macron said so.

Yet, Mr King did not mention this appointment in his diary published on the EU website as part of the EU’s declared policy of “transparency”.

Macron said that 9 countries had founded this new central and overarching Spy Authority –  including the UK, in June 2017.

Yes that is June 2017 …. one year after the Brexit vote…

Mr Macron constantly mouths democracy, liberty and the desperate need to defend European values. In this speech, he is explicit that [t]his new spy centre is foundational  [le socle] to our protection.

And he stated categorically this over-riding concern:

  NOTHING is more important than Europe’s integrity and independence

Brexit voters are manifestly a serious threat … 17.4 million Brits don’t share Mr Macron’s totalitarian worldview …

All this from a man with major problems at home – from the Benalla scandal to hundreds of cases of serious police violence against Gilets Jaunes protestors.

Even the United Nations is now commenting

I see the signs of an incipient dictator …

Ray Catlin