Internal Market Bill the occasion for yet more distortion and distraction from die hard Remainers

I listened to Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s speech introducing the Internal Market Bill to the House of Commons on 14th September 2020.  Johnson explained the purpose and broad provisions of the bill. He said that it provides  the necessary competence for the UK authorities to ensure the UK’s own internal Single Market and Customs Union once the UK finally exits the EU on December 31st 2020. It also provides for the devolution of some 160 areas of competence to the devolved governments in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

As part of maintaining the full independence and sovereignty of the UK in the particular circumstances of Northern Ireland, the Bill provides ‘back stop’ provisions  to prevent the EU infringing UK sovereignty now that a Trade Deal with the EU is unlikely. Mr Johnson even explained that for a UK minister to exercise the powers of this back stop mechanism, a Statutory Instrument would have to be laid before Parliament and a vote taken.

It had been hoped  that a Trade Deal would be negotiated this year. That is the understanding on which Mr Johnson signed the Withdrawal Agreement last year. However, the EU has insisted on maintaining powers over the UK after Brexit.

Elected on a clear mandate to ‘get Brexit done’, however, the Johnson government has refused to compromise, insisting on the type of Trade Deal the EU already has with other non member States.

Indeed, a Canada style deal was originally offered by the EU to the May government, but that offer has long been withdrawn. Why ? Because, the UK is not seen by the EU as a third country like any other non member State. The EU wants to discourage other member States leaving by making an example of the UK.

Sky News has published a very informative piece explaining the United Kingdom Internal Market Bill. It is well worth reading – link below.

However, a representative and proportionate view of the Bill is not what die hard Remainers want. And the media love to talk up a punch up at Westminster.

It is clear that the United Kingdom’s sovereignty does not matter to the five ex Prime Ministers lining up to condemn the Bill. They are all convinced Remainers who hate Brexit despite the democratic decision to the contrary:

  • the June 23rd 2016 referendum vote to Leave the EU
  • the confirmatory vote in the 2017 general election when parties confirming Brexit in their manifestos gained over 80% of the vote
  • the miraculous 80 seat clear majority for Johnson in the 2019 general election when Labour voters in the Midlands and North of England deserted Labour in droves to vote for the clear ‘Get Brexit Done’ message of Boris Johnson. This was the electorates verdict on the disgraceful conduct in parliament by die hard Remainers trying to delay, fudge and even stop Brexit – these Remainers even refused to allow a General Election to break the deadlock in parliament, a deadlock which they themselves had created

It is clear that the United Kingdom’s actual and real sovereignty – its actually breaking free from subjection to the EU – is not the priority for these 5 former PMs nor the cast of other die hard Remainers lining up to condemn this vital and necessary Bill.

Die hard Remainers are using the potential confrontation between the UK and EU over free movement in the island of Ireland, to make this an issue of Law and Order. This situation arises because certain provisions in the Internal Market Bill “could”  [to use the word used in the Sky news assessment] lead to the UK breaching the Withdrawal Agreement with the EU, an Agreement which has the status of an international Treaty. International Treaties are binding.

The Withdrawal Agreement was largely negotiated by the previously Brexit sceptic and Europhile civil servants of Theresa May’s special unit at Number 10 Downing Street. That specialist unit second guessed what the constitutionally appointed Brexit department prepared, imposing its own version as the official Chequers text in July 2018.

Constitutional arrangements,  law and order meant nothing to the die hard Remainers in government, civil service and parliament when they were trying to frustrate the clear instruction given by the British people to Leave the EU.

Suddenly now, however, when a provision to ensure the constitutional and economic integrity of the UK is put before parliament, these die hard Remainers are keenly concerned for law and order, and the integrity and reputation of the UK in the world. Do they think the world has not seen what they have done over the last 4 years to dishonour the clear instruction of the British people ?

Never mind the impossible stance taken by the EU in these negotiations. Never mind the fact that the EU perversely got its way back at the beginning of negotiations when they refused to negotiate a Trade deal alongside the Withdrawal Agreement, insisting the Withdrawal must be discussed and decided before any Agreement on the future Trading relationship could even be discussed.

Just how stupid is that ? Especially in view of the issues around the border of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Eire, about which the EU claims to be so concerned. Especially in view of the fact that  the EU wants a border and customs checks – not the UK.  Why ? Because the EU must maintain its own Internal Market and its closed Customs Union. They demand that the UK displace the actual international border into the Irish sea so that trade can operate unhindered in the island of Ireland. It’s their customs border, not ours, but they expect the UK government to place a barrier between one part of the UK and the rest – to accommodate them !

But the UK government is criticised for introducing the United Kingdom Internal Market Bill simply to  maintain its own integrity and sovereignty and to prevent the effective displacement of the border. 

Talk about Law and Order by die hard Remainers is just distraction from, and distortion of, the real issues in play here.

This entire Brexiting process has been characterised by

  • an assumption that the EU is good and Brexit is bad
  • an assumption that the UK should kow-tow to EU demands because the EU is morally superior
  • the denial of the democratic and lawful Brexit vote in June 2016 by all means possible
  • the arrogance of the die Hard Remainer elite whose betrayal of the UK national interest is evident even now in this latest distraction about the UK no longer being trusted abroad

The Lisbon Treaty itself  anticipated TWO years as sufficient to negotiate both Withdrawal and Trade. The wilful delay and obstruction by the EU and its British allies means that we are still not out after FOUR years.

Just what else should a UK government sincerely implementing Brexit do ? Should it really allow the EU to continue to influence – even dictate – our internal affairs by not taking these contingency powers to itself ? 

Die hard Remainers know full well that they are defending the EU against their own country. That they are peddling the EU line and giving the EU hope that the UK will cave in or else be undermined in the process. They know full well that they are aiding the EU in its policy of discouraging any more exits.

They know full well that that their ultimate loyalty is to the EU, not the UK.

A loyalty to another power beyond the seas. Their ultimate and final loyalty is clearly not to their country.

That attitude always used to be viewed as treachery. But EUtopia and EUtopians have reinvented the world around their own ideological vision, and everything must be viewed and conducted accordingly.

Ray Catlin

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