EUtopian “democracy”.

My postal ballot for the EUropean Parliament election on May 23rd 2019 has arrived.

I have done something I have never done before with a ballot paper.

Against each of the eleven parties and individual candidates standing I have written the word “NO”.

On the reverse of the ballot paper I have stated:

This ballot

  • makes a mockery of democracy

  • is immoral

  • defies the Brexit Referendum result

  • wastes over £100 million of tax payers money

  • may well be illegal – the extension beyond March 29th 2019 is actually subject to a legal challenge by the English Democrats in the Courts  [see link  in references below]

  • means that casting a vote is meaningless when the Government of the day can delay and effectively over-ride the verdict,  as it has with 23rd June 2016

  • therefore I do not endorse this election by voting for any candidate – they are all participating in a travesty of  democracy and its principles – How can they then be trusted ?

In June 2016 I voted in the Referendum on Brexit. I voted along with over 17.4 million other people for the United Kingdom to leave the EU. It was the largest number to endorse any decision ever in our history. The government stated in writing to every household that it would implement the result.

Almost 3 years later that promise has manifestly been broken. The two year negotiation period under Article 50 of the “Lisbon Treaty” has been extended twice by Prime Minister Theresa May beyond March 29th 2019, even though she herself stated repeatedly that the UK would leave the EU on that date.

She has lied. She has made a mockery of the Brexit Referendum vote by calling a Deal to Integrate our nation without Representation into the emerging EU empire, a “Withdrawal Deal”.

Is it ?

We had no military and security integration with the EU before June 23rd 2016 – it has  been arranged since then. It is disingenously identified to us by brief and bland generalisations in both the Withdrawal Deal and the Declaration on the Future relationship.

This is “the Deal” she insists parliament approves: to subject our nation like a colony to the EU superstate. She has acted in direct defiance of the Brexit Referendum result, all the while deceiving Leave voters by saying what they want to hear.

She has lied and abused her position as Prime Minister. By her actions, she now causes us to participate in a European Union election we have absolutely no business participating in. NONE. We should already be out and trading with the EU on World Trade Organisation terms, using the multitude of specific bilateral arrangements already agreed.

Perhaps you think that the tone and language I use in this and in other blog posts is loaded and biased. It’s not ! It reflects the reality. If you don’t believe me, watch the documentary screened on Wednesday 8th May 2019 on BBC 4. [link below]

It was a fly-on-the-wall affair, the camera in the background recording what was happening in meetings held by, and with, Guy Verhofstadt, the EU parliament’s coordinator over the 2 years of Brexit negotiations.

It was most revealing.

It actually said nothing we did not already know from a realistic reading of the the evidence, most of which has been assessed accurately by many Brexit commentators, including this blog.

But it provided incontrovertible confirmation from their own mouths as to what they were really doing.

Note :-

ON the initial talks to set the critical structure and terms for the negotiations, Barnier states that the EU has set “the tone and the agenda” for the negotiations.  We were therefore on the back foot and a slippery slope to what they wanted from day one, as David Davis pointed out in his resignation letter.

ON the Northern Ireland border and backstop arrangement, Barnier states that it was his intention all along to use Ireland both “tactically and strategically” to maintain the UK on the defensive, and in a subordinate position, in all future dealings.

The truth that the single market and customs requirements of the EU would create a trade barrier was dismissed and treated as unacceptable posturing by the UK – this from people who claim falsely [and they do so in this documentary] that the EU has brought peace in Ulster and that the UK, not the EU,  is using Ireland as a negotiating ploy !

ON the Withdrawal Deal arrangements as finalised, a member of Verhofstadts staff triumphantly stated that they had made the UK – and I quote – “a COLONY” !

Indeed, he then says that this had been their intention from the beginning…

But this documentary also highlighted what I have been at pains to make clear in this blog and elsewhere:  that there is a fundamental philosophical and cultural clash between the UK and the continental EU.

On returning from a meeting in 10 Downing Street, Verhofstadt says contemptuously that the British have no overall CONCEPT of what they want – they just talk about specifics here and there, they just cherry pick.

That comment highlights a fundamentally critical difference of philosophy and culture. We are pragmatic. We start with specifics, we start with the actual problems and then go on to find a specific practical solution . If we arrive at an overall principle or conception, it is based on the evidence and on the reality; our approach is inductive.

Not so continental thinking – certainly not the French speaking and French influenced continent.

They start with the grand idea, the overall principle – the concept – and then make everything fit in with that. Their approach is deductive. That’s why they will never understand us, never respect us, never allow us the influence that would have saved the EU project from being an authoritarian and bureaucratic disaster.

We see raising particular problems as getting to grips with the issue, trying to find a solution for everyone’s benefit. They don’t. They just don’t think like that. Which is why they call it cherry picking. It’s the only way they can make sense of our approach and attitude.

It is incredible that all these highly paid politicians and diplomats  have not grasped this fundamental fact.  They have not had the sense to step back and question their own assumptions or understand where the other side are coming from.

Yet they claim to believe in love and peace, the integration of Europe, and avoiding another war …

Ray Catlin

the link for donations and information about the English democrats court case is at

the link to the documentary by Lode Desmet is on You Tube at

the EneMay within

Last night the EU Council president, Donald Tusk,  issued the following decision on Brexit. It comprises two Articles, with an explanatory preamble of 14 paragraphs.

The 2 decisive Articles state the Council,


Article 1 The period provided for in Article 50(3) TEU, as extended by the European Council Decision (EU) 2019/476, is hereby further extended until 31 October 2019.

Article 2 This decision shall enter into force on the day of its adoption.

This decision shall cease to apply on 31 May 2019 in the event that the United Kingdom has not held elections to the European Parliament in accordance with applicable Union law and has not ratified the Withdrawal Agreement by 22 May 2 019.

Done at Brussels,

For the European Council, The President D. TUSK

The explanatory items are informative, especially from item 9. If anyone wishes to know what the balance of power is between the EU and UK under Mrs May’s premiership, they will find it evidenced there.

Of course all this would be superfluous if democracy were effective in the United Kingdom.

But it is not.

The UK would have left the EU on March 29th 2019. Indeed, the EU is geared up for a No Deal Brexit.

But May requested a delay, again.

There was no reason to ask a second time for such a delay. The answer had already been given at the previous Council meeting . That EU Council stated April 12th IF  the United Kingdom parliament again refused the misnamed Withdrawal Deal.

Parliament again refused. The EU had already agreed to a NO Deal Brexit with effect from 11pm on April 12th – that is midnight in the heart of Euroland.

The only reason April 12th is no longer the date of Brexit is this. May deliberately took the initiative in a letter to Tusk of April 5th to set in motion further delay.

She did so to stop Brexit. She put her Betrayal Deal to the Commons 3 times, and was defeated 3 times, yet she continues to pursue it.

This is not a Prime Minister with a democratic mindset. This is a REMAINIAC.

Her agenda is clear. She has no intention of allowing the UK to leave the EU.


By the way, the EU Council decision preamble explicitly rules out any re-opening of the Withdrawal agreement provisions.

May’s talk of NO Deal being better than a bad deal is now manifestly so much front.

Her deal is worse than a bad deal – it is a betrayal of Brexit.

It is


It is an agreement to hold the UK to ransom by the constant threat of divorcing Northern Ireland from the United Kingdom.

Only a rEUmainiac Prime Minister and senior Civil Service could have agreed to

  1. betray the vote of 23rd June 2016

  2. threaten the integrity of the United Kingdom

The EU agenda reduces national governments to the status of regional authorities in a European Super State.

I have lived to see the total humiliation of my country and the trashing of our precious tradition of liberty by a Conservative Prime Minister.

UPDATE: Monday 15th April 2019

The latest newsletter from Lawyers for Britain includes these words:

“Our membership of the EU has now officially been extended until 31 October 2019. In extending it, Theresa May acted without the authorisation of Parliament for any extension beyond 30 June, and in breach of her previous repeated promises. As we pointed out last week, the Prime Minister was not under any legal obligation to agree to an extension beyond 30 June, and could have walked away from the table in Brussels and delivered Brexit.”

“It has been clear to us for a long time that this Prime Minister has no interest in fulfilling the promises she made to the Conservative Party when she became leader in 2016, or to the country in the 2017 General Election Manifesto, of delivering Brexit and handing back control over our laws to the British people and our elected representatives. Instead, she has been intent on forcing the country into a deal which would provide only a false illusion of Brexit and would leave us permanently shackled to the EU: having to obey its rules without a vote, and with no prospect of being able to operate an independent global trade policy in the foreseeable future.”

“So strong is her obsession with shackling the United Kingdom permanently to this servile status that she has simply abandoned her repeated mantra that “no deal is better than a bad deal”, and her repeated statements that the UK would leave the EU on 29 March. This is despite the fact that, as made clear by Chris Heaton-Harris (“Forget the ‘end is nigh’ scaremongering – Britain is officially ready for no-deal Brexit“) the country was actually quite sufficiently prepared to leave if she had not chosen to over-ride what was the legal default option.”

“So we are now in the EU for an additional 7 months beyond the now abandoned legal exit date of 29 March. This is a fiasco which has brought national and international humiliation down on Theresa May and her government. The European Parliament elections will now – absurdly – need to be held, a step which is likely to cause huge political damage to the Conservative Party in particular.”

The lawyers go on in their newsletter to suggest it’s not yet a catastrophe. I beg to differ. I don’t believe they have yet understood the political dynamics in play as from EU Council decision of April 10th/11th. See my post at RWI.


Ray Catlin


It is increasingly evident that the election of Emmanuel Macron as President of France in April 2017 was but the first step in his ambition to become master of Europe.

Just 6 months after his election, he gave a major lecture at the Sorbonne detailing his vision for how the EU should be developed.

On Saturday 10th November the following year, 2018,  Macron and Angela Merkel met at Compiegne where German generals met French and British counterparts to sign the Armistice. Macron and Merkel reviewed troops of the Franco German Defence force.  The British were not present. Their 750,000 deaths and 1.5 million casualties airbrushed from history. This was not about the centenary of the Armistice; this was about the Franco German alliance promoting a new EU Army…

Next day, Macron lectured world leaders at the Centenary Commemorations in Paris. The following Tuesday, Merkel announced to the EU’s parliament a fully fledged European military capability.

On Monday 4th March 2019, Mr Macron made an unprecedented move: in the national dailies of the EU nations, he published a letter addressed to the citizens of Europe.

Next day, Macron gave an inaugural speech to the new Centre for European Intelligence – the EU’s nascent super-spy Authority. More later.

Mr Macron opened his letter to “Citoyens d’Europe” by telling them that he was taking the liberty to address them directly – not just in the name of history and of our common values, but because there is a dire crisis. Since the 2nd world War, Europe has never been so important – but never has it been more threatened. The  European Elections this May will be decisive for Europe’s future, he writes. 

BREXIT REPRESENTS THIS CRISIS. Belonging to the EU is not the real danger  – that is an irresponsible lie which could destroy Europe ! The nationalists have no alternative to offer but simple rejection of the project: they exploit anger and spread false information – it is this that threatens Europe !

And I thought I voted to Leave in order to restore my country’s traditional liberties stemming from Magna Carta and the 1689 Bill of Rights – the settlement which gave my country constitutional government centuries before the French founded the EU bureaucracy  in their own dirigiste, authoritarian image …

Silly me.

But being a Napoleonic figure, Mr Macron has no time for incidentals like our Common Law tradition which exported liberty and prosperity across the globe. Whatever the English may have done, they cannot be right. There is one simple reason for this:

They are not French, they do not have a Republique,  and they did  not create La Declaration des Droits de l’homme et du citoyen.

They still have a Monarchy and a rowdy rabble for a parliament. They need bringing up to date. And Macron will show them the way.

Buried in the letter is this revelation: the British are partners in the entirely new European Security Council. He tells us that important progress has been made on this in the last two years.

It is now 2 years and 8 months since we voted to Leave the EU…

He started the letter with Brexit, and he finishes with Brexit.

Brexit is Macron’s big worry: where the UK leads others may want to follow. He makes it very clear that such nonsense must go no further. It defies his grand plan …

This is what motivates his letter. To make us believe that Brexit is nationalist insanity – this toxic poison must spread no further. NO,  we must follow Mr Macron’s lead; we must accept his worldview and his proposals for Europe; we must not be tricked by wicked nationalists [read Nazis] !

And I thought it was the UK which stood entirely alone against Nazi Germany for 18 months, totally exposed and isolated, because in our national tradition and culture there is absolutely no place for the extremism which breaks out on the European continent periodically.

Including that first French ALL Europe project imposed by Napoleon’s million strong army. 

Our 21st century Napoleon is far more subtle, and patient. His propaganda letter, plus all I have seen of him,  is disturbing. From his 2016 rallies-without-policies when Presidential candidate in waiting – to his dismissal of Brexit as a nationalist insurrection.

He condemns populists – yet he is the populist par excellence. Seeking to sway the crowd to trust whatever he says, and whatever he does –  all for them, of course. He is the Saviour who will bring in the new EUtopia on earth. [His candidature rallies reveal a manifest Egocentricity …]

He patently believes Brexit to be an outbreak of neo Nazi populism: ergo it must be stopped. And French Napoleons are not men of mere words: concrete action always accompany their grand schemes.

Insidious action like this: –

On Tuesday the 5th March 2019, Mr Macron delivered an inaugural speech to an entirely new EU outfit based in Paris [where else !]. It was a speech setting out the need and vision. It was attended by 66 [yes sixty six !] intelligence services from across Europe, he said. [So, our “5” and “6” must have been there…] Certainly the British Julian King,  EU Security Commissioner, was there. Macron said so.

Yet, Mr King did not mention this appointment in his diary published on the EU website as part of the EU’s declared policy of “transparency”.

Macron said that 9 countries had founded this new central and overarching Spy Authority –  including the UK, in June 2017.

Yes that is June 2017 …. one year after the Brexit vote…

Mr Macron constantly mouths democracy, liberty and the desperate need to defend European values. In this speech, he is explicit that [t]his new spy centre is foundational  [le socle] to our protection.

And he stated categorically this over-riding concern:

  NOTHING is more important than Europe’s integrity and independence

Brexit voters are manifestly a serious threat … 17.4 million Brits don’t share Mr Macron’s totalitarian worldview …

All this from a man with major problems at home – from the Benalla scandal to hundreds of cases of serious police violence against Gilets Jaunes protestors.

Even the United Nations is now commenting

I see the signs of an incipient dictator …

Ray Catlin